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There are two different ways of getting in touch with the developers:

1. Via the GitHub page

The https:github.com/potfit/potfit page provides an issue tracker which may also be used to submit general questions, help requests or bug reports. ==== 2. Using the potfit mailing list ==== You can subscribe to the list via the web interface. == potfit-users == This mailing list is for general discussion on potfit. Here you can post your questions, discuss with other users, request new features, submit bug reports, … Subscribers to this mailing list can review their subscription settings here. View list archive —- ===== How to request help ===== When asking for help please provide as much information as possible. This includes: * Used operating system * Used potfit version * Which compiler has been used with which math library * Which potfit options are enabled (include the compile command if usure) * Error message or detailed description of what is wrong/not working If possible you may also provide the used input files, which usually helps a lot.

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