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Downloading potfit

potfit is released under the GNU General Public Licence Version 2.

By downloading the source code you agree to the conditions of that [[License|license]].

Latest version

The latest version of potfit can be downloaded here:


Development versions

The potfit source code is also available from the [[https://github.com/potfit/potfit|potfit]] git repository hosted on [[https://github.com/|github.com]].

Previous versions

Previous potfit releases can be found [[https://www.potfit.net/download/|here]].

Anonymous git access (read-only)

You can download the current version via anonymous git access at [[https://github.com/potfit/potfit]].

If you want to send us your changes, you can send it to the potfit [[mailinglist|mailing list]] or as a pull request on github.

Current build status

analytic potentials:
tabulated potentials:
KIM potentials:

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